Talent, responsibility, aspirations:
the measure of our value.



The quality of people: serious,  committed, hard working and creative. We of Ortomad share objectives, projects and commitments. Our synergy and our team spirit cause everything to be better and healthier.

The quality of our method: Ortomad checks all production stages starting from the field, from the acceptation of raw matters, to the steady controls made along the production chain, in conformity with a quality management certified system. The raw matter and the finished product are steadily controlled by the agronomical staff and by the internal lab, thus guaranteeing immediate screenings and quick feedbacks about the accuracy of the working processes.

The quality of cultivations: 100 hectares of our own land to which the fields of suppliers belonging to our supply chain are to be added. These suppliers are accurately selected and their productions are conforming with the production regulations providing agronomical and technical cultivation practices having a low environmental impact, thus minimizing the use of plant protection products.

The quality of the system: Ortomad promotes the keeping and continuous improvement of the Integrated Quality System management, in order to conform with high quality standards and meet more and more demanding customers.

People, method, cultivations, system: this is the infinite number of values which makes the quality of our Ortomad products.


The innovation of the scientific research: Ortomad is steadily involved in innovative scientific researches for the application of advanced agronomical techniques, which, supported by an accurate selection of varieties, allow it to obtain a product which can adapt at best to weather conditions over the whole year in this territory.

Technological innovation: Ortomad fosters a continuous innovation all over the stages of the process, thus investing resources into technologies allowing to obtain high level service products and protecting the territory and the genuineness of products.

The innovation of the firm strategies: our men and our women are the heart of our firm, they are  the added value of Ortomad, its real capital and its biggest investment. Each of us is a driving engine, a precious idea, a reason to go on growing.

Research, technology, strategies: Ortomad enhances all its resources.


The rule: as soon as products are harvested, they are carried by refrigerated means of transport to our premises, they are stored in rapid cooling plants and then they are ready either for distribution or processing.

Rapidity on delivering: Ortomad delivers products after a few days from harvesting, thanks to an efficient logistic network.

The cooling chain: the observance of temperatures all over the stages of the process, from the field to the final customer, guarantees the freshness and goodness of our products.

Rule, rapidity, cooling chain, for Ortomad are mathematical certainty.


Supply chain certification: the certified supply chain allows to trace the whole path followed by the product, thus guaranteeing transparency to the food system and allowing an efficient and immediate control.

Supply chain suppliers: “trust” is the key word on which the relationship between our firm and our suppliers, is built. We strongly believe in human relationships, in emotions, in sharing our agricultural experience and culture.

Short supply chain: Ortomad shows to be a real “short” supply chain, in the action, in the means of transport and in the costs, thanks to the location of suppliers, the logistic efficiency and the consequent competitiveness of prices. Optimization becomes excellence.

Certification, trust, supply chain: Ortomad enhances and invests into the resources of its territory.


The Supply: Ortomad guarantees a steady and standardized protection of sense, organoleptical and health characteristics of products. The supply of Ortomad products is carried out mainly by firms in Campania but, in order to allow continuity in planning and supplies, in some period we also resort to other firms situated in other regions.

An efficient strategy: a far-sighted and specific planning of cultivations allows us to produce and guarantee really competitive products for 12 months a year.

The staff: an agronomic dynamic staff, made up with an équipe of technicians, coordinates the plans of supply from farms, always surprising for their efficient scheduling and planning job.

Supply, strategic efficiency, staff: 12 months of varieties, quality and value.