We do not only look forward,
we look far away.


Ortomad, company belonging to the group La Linea Verde,was founded in 1998.

The farming entrepreneurs who created Ortomad, believed in their roots, in their own territory and they still cultivate the land with love and respect.

Ortomad is specialized in the cultivation of agricultural products and in the processing of unwashed and ready to eat salads.

What does it mean for us to cultivate fields? We do not have the tough skin of our ancestors and the sign of the sun in our faces  but we have the same endurance, the same strength and we really  believe in what we do.

Perseverance, order, accuracy have always been the most important requirements to be a farmer and entrepreneur and to be able to live intensely and consciously any moment of our land life: the sowing, the care, the harvesting. This job is an old art, a simple and authentic one: it is this tradition that we want to continue, and we are proud of this.


Only the art of agriculture, which is surely very close to wisdom, and as we can say, it is its kinswoman it has got neither disciples nor masters.” Lucio Giunio Moderato Columella, De re rustica, 1st century .

The experience of Ortomad does not come only from our roots: we are not only “disciples”, we are also “masters”. Our continuous research, the evolution of the methods, the refinement of the techniques transform the discipline and the practice of the cultivation into a more conscious and modern science, taking in consideration new needs and respecting both the land and the workers.

The agricultural science, born from an old love that develops and moves forward with larger perspectives, has allowed us to create a fruitful and intense collaboration with all the suppliers of our chain. This chain has grown thanks to the hard work and the confidence built during all these years. The skills, the strong will and that artistic sense that describe meticulousness the project of the cultivation, together with the deep sense of responsibility of the managers and the coordinators, are the tools that allow the supply chain to always be efficient, quick and transparent.


We believe in harmony. In the future. In our skills.

Our aim is to grow and sell healthy and genuine salads, taking advantage of men’s abilities and new technology and, in the same time, protecting the environment. Our land is not compromised by industrial policies that are harmful for the environment that we defend and keepin good conditions with our work. We guarantee the freshness of our products thanks to the presence of very low phytosanitary residue in our vegetables and, in the same time, we preserve the prosperity of the Piana del Sele, situated in Salerno, in the heart of the prolific Campania Felix. Our geographic position give us a lot of advantages since we are in the south of the Amalfi Coast, nearby the Thyrrenian Sea, and protected from the cold wind by the Picentini and the Lucano Subappenino mountains. This is our heritage of goodness, culture and future.

Our continuous investments are the result of our attention and sensitivity towards the environmental policies. We have got a modern and efficient fleet of vehicles of last generation with a low environmental impact since they are electric and ecological. These machines don’t contaminate the fields with dusts that reduce the acoustic environment and don’t produce vibrations that can be a risk for workers. All our workers are considered as our arms and eyes. Our added value are human resources: every man and woman working in Ortomad is an engine on, a precious idea, a reason to go on growing.